Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Josephine Skriver Blogs for the Huffington Post: Today I Am ... (Thoughts From A Rainbow Child)

Today I am sad.

 I am sad for Orlando. I am sad for the world. I am sad for humanity. I am sad that this beautiful country I have moved to and called my home for the past few years is seeing a day so ugly. I am sad that sides of beds will be left empty and cold. I am sad that some phones will keep ringing with no answer or calls back. Ever. I am sad that there will be empty chairs at dinner tables. I am sad that families and friends will forever live with holes in their hearts in the shape of the beautiful people that they have lost in the horrific tragedy of Orlando. I am sad that love, to some, has to look a certain way or have specific qualifications. I am sad that some may never be able to feel love, or anything else, ever again. I am sad.

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