Saturday, November 5, 2016

#elitehotseat: MALIK

What designer or team have you worked with that you’ve identified the most with aesthetically, creatively, and/or personally?
-- The designer that I have worked with and identified with the most aesthetically and creatively would have to be George Heaton of Represent clothing, from the UK. I did a presentation for the brand during New York Men’s Fashion Week and the clothes were all totally my style, street and edgy.

What was going through your head backstage before and on the runway during your first walk?
-- I can remember thinking to myself “Don’t look at all of the people in the audience, just stare straight ahead.” As I walked down the runway at my first show I remember being surprised at how bright the lights were and how many cameras were in my face, it was kind of distracting.

When you first began modelling, how did you become comfortable in front of the camera? 
-- The best way to get comfortable in front of the camera for me is by building a relationship with the photographer. Once I have something to talk about with the photographer it helps me to relax and makes things much easier.

Outside of modelling, who is Malik?
-- Both inside and outside of modelling I am a very social person, I love making new friends
and learning life experience from other people. I am also always looking for different ways to
experience New York city.

Can you think of an embarrassing moment that you’ve encountered while modelling? If so what would it be?
-- We had to pretend to play football on set, and I tackled one of the other models and he landed on his finger and fractured it, they had to pause the whole shoot and take him to the hospital.

If you saw yourself walk into a casting, what would your first impression be of yourself?
-- My first impression would be “Wow, that guy has a great smile :)”

How would you say you’ve evolved as a model comparing yourself now to the very beginning of your career? 
-- I would say that I have gotten better at remembering people's names, whether it be casting directors, producers, stylists or photographers. I have found that remembering the names of people I’ve worked with helps to leave a very good impression which ultimately leads to being booked more.

How does your approach change when shooting editorials or campaigns versus walking runway?
-- The biggest difference between my approach for a shoot then for a runway is that I am more focused on getting into character for a shoot depending on who it’s for, some brands are much more smiley than others etc. For a runway I usually just have to focus on keeping a serious expression and walking straight.

Is there anything modelling has taught you that you can say you’ve been able to apply to your everyday life?
-- The biggest things modelling has taught me is how to make meaningful conversation with complete strangers, and being comfortable with working with people I may not necessarily like.

Before you were a model, what did you foresee your future entailing?
-- Before modelling I planned to study broadcast media, and hopefully someday become a news reporter.

You do a lot of travelling for your job, what place would you say you’ve fallen in love with the most and why; any favourite travelling experiences?
-- London is my favourite place that I’ve been next to New York. I love the culture there and I’ve made some amazing friends.

When you’re on location somewhere what’s your favourite thing to do to keep busy during off time?
-- Favourite thing to do during my off time when on location is usually to explore the location.

How has modelling changed how you view the fashion industry and other creative industries involved?
-- Modelling has made me realize that there is a lot more time spent planning leading up to a shoot or a runway show then I thought. Often producers have already planned a shoot for Winter when the one for Summer has only just been shot.

What’s your next career move? Anyone you’d love to work with or a place you hope to visit for work?
-- I would like to start assisting on video shoots so I can learn more about becoming a creative director, as that is a job I can see myself doing after modelling. Also studying however I haven’t decided which courses I will take yet, likely something to do with business management. As far as modelling goes my dream is to do a shoot for Tom Ford, and I hope that I will get a chance to work with Guy Aroch again (my favorite photographer).

What would your top foolproof advice be for taking a good photo?
--Look into the camera the same way you would look at the waiter when your food arrives.

How would you describe your personal style? Has it changed since you started your career?
-- Personal style has always been streetwearish, denim, combat boots kind of deal. Also pretty much all of my favorite pieces of clothing (besides my jeans) are black.

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